• Live in Casa Cenina - Needlework Festival 2022 •

Live in Casa Cenina: this is how it’s going to be!

Here’s all you need to know on the great comeback of our Embroidery Festival in its brand new “smart” look…
For the whole rest, we look forward to meeting you online on that special day. Save the date ;-)

How: with your computer, your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet. Having doubts?

Where: 100% online, so anywhere you can make yourself comfortable.

When: on May 31st, 2022; at 9 p.m. CET

Why: because this is a very special “premiere”, that you can’t miss for a thousand reasons! Here following, the most important ones:
• Because you can purchase your attendance to the event at a cost that you’ll get immediately back, with a shopping voucher fully covering this cost, that you can spend for your shopping on Casa Cenina, from May 31st to June 5th, 2022.
• Because we will launch three exclusive projects designed by three stars of cross stitching, which you can access in advance exclusively by joining our Embroidery Festival 2022:

• “Esmeralda, designed by Bella Filipina.
• “Wäscheklammer (The Clothespin), designed by Christiane Dahlbeck.
• “La Clé du Printemps (The Key to Spring) designed by Madame La Fee.

• Because you’ll have the opportunity to join three workshops expressly dedicated to these stitching projects and in your language, of course.
• Because you’re free to select the options you like most: just one project or more projects, all in limited edition and purchasable before June 5th 2022 ONLY by taking part to our Festival.

But that’s not all: if you order one kit, your 9.90-euro coupon will become a 14.90-euro super-coupon; if you order two kits, it'll become a 19.90-euro maxi-coupon; if you order all three kits, it'll become a 24.90-euro mega-coupon and ... much more...

Select your favorite option (or your favorite options, if you’d like more than one!)
Registration only: including a coupon for the same amount, to spend during the Embroidery Festival 2022, or from May 31st to June 5th, 2022 on Casa Cenina. Please Note: if the order should be canceled, the registration fee cannot be refunded.
Including printed pattern; metal thread from Madeira (200-meter spool); 5 Mill Hill bead packs; 32ct Belfast linen from Zweigart, hand-dyed by xJuDesign; Embroidery Festival exclusive Needle Nanny; Embroidery Festival exclusive, customized metal case.
Including printed pattern; 5 skeins of V&H pure cotton thread; 9 skeins of "Flora Fru Zippe” pure-cotton thread; hand-cut, special card with opening and exclusive ribbon; 32ct Belfast linen from Zweigart; Embroidery Festival exclusive Needle Nanny; Embroidery Festival exclusive, customized metal case.
Including printed pattern; 32ct Belfast linen from Zweigart; pure-cotton, American, printed fabric to cover a box; iron-on H630 batting from Freudenberg; Embroidery Festival exclusive Needle Nanny; Embroidery Festival exclusive, customized metal case.
Total due 9.90€
Please Note
• for the "Esmeralda" and "La Clé du Printemps" kits, you can also purchase separately the “DMC Stranded Cotton Set”, including all the skeins needed to stitch these projects - simply flag the relevant box, if you want them to be delivered with the kit/kits.
• We’ll do our best to fulfil all order. However, shipments will follow an order of priority and only the fastest of you will have the right to this priority.
If you’re not joining it, you’re missing out!
The “smart” version of our most beloved event cannot be missed just because you can easily join us online from wherever you’re going to be on the very day of the event, but also because you gain a whole lot of advantages, reserved exclusively to our participants! Here they are, in just a glance:
• The Freebie (Weihnachtskränzchen), designed by Ulrike Blotzheim from UB Design for Casa Cenina on this occasion, that can be downloaded in advance only by joining the event!
• the opportunity of increasing your coupon-refund for participating of 2 euro more for each friend you’re going to invite and who sill also join our live event (within 11:59 pm on May 29th);
• the chance of accessing our reserved Facebook group, fully dedicated to the event, where you can exchange views with all the other participants and share the pictures of your work in progress. And, most of all: - you can send your questions in advance and get our answers to them during the Embroidery Festival;
- also in advance, you can see the work in progress of all the three stitching projects;
- follow our live directly from this FB group (alternatively to YouTube)!

Having doubts? Here below, you'll find the answers to the most common ones.
I have never followed a Live before. How shall I join it? It's much easier than it may seem. Do not hesitate to ask questions and write your doubts and concerns to us and we will answer you with a private message, providing you a "step-by-step" guide with all the details to connect on the very day of the event, with a simple click (and, believe us, this is not just a way of saying ;-)).

Where will the Live be broadcasted? It will be aired on YouTube and on our dedicated Facebook Group.

How can I log in on the day of the Live? The day before, or even the morning before our live event, we're sending an email to all participants, with the link to a webpage on our website, so that they can log in directly from there and access the live video directly on YouTube. The participants who prefer to follow our Live from the dedicated FaceBook Group will simply find it there, after joining the group.

How can I send a question during the live event? During the streaming (both if connected and following it on Youtube and if connected and following it from the dedicated Facebook Group), you'll see an empty space beside the video, where - after logging in - you can enter your questions. Once we've received them, we will display the most meaningful and/or common ones.

How long are the workshops going to last? It's our very first time organizing this kind of event and, therefore, we haven't mentioned any strict time limits intentionally, to each Workshop. At the same time however, we wouldn't like to get you bored with too many details, so - indicatively - we're thinking of workshops lasting 15 to 20 minutes each approx. so to leave all the time needed to your questions and our answers to them.

I'd like to take part in your online event, but I can at the time it is scheduled, so what can I do? Don't worry! The event will be recorded and then available online to all our friends who registered for the Live. It's going to take a few days after the live streaming and you'll have to be a little patient, but nothing more.

I know I can follow the workshops, because they'll be recorded. However, I can't interact during the live streaming... so, is there any chance for me to ask questions prior to that? Sure: on our reserved FaceBook Group, you can send all the questions you want before the live streaming and we will try to answer all of them during the live streaming so that, when you see the recorded event, you'll get your answer/s. You can also send questions after the Live and we will be glad to answer them, too ;-)

You'll receive a whole lot of questions … so how can I be sure mine will be answered? The questions we will answer during our live streaming will obviously be the most common ones, those that are more "meaningful" for the larger audience. Nevertheless, we will answer all questions we're going to receive (of course, gathering them together, in order to avoid double or triple answers on the same topics), both on our dedicated FaceBook Group and/or on a dedicated webpage on our website. Again, this is going to take some time - not too long! - but you can be sure already now that we will answer all questions.

When will I receive the coupon mentioned? You'll be receiving the relevant email with your coupon code before the event.

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