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The Football World Cup is back, our Worldwide Discounts, too: 21% off for this 21st World Championship!

From Thursday, June 14th, to Sunday 15th July included, let's celebrate together the 21st edition of the Football World Championship, with an amazing 21% discount on all items in stock - plus an additional 5% on the products in our "On Sale!" section - on all the orders placed while the matches of your favorite National Team are being played!

And ... if your National Team gets to the great Final in Moscow... you'll be given an eGift equal to the 5% of the total of your orders placed from 14th June to 15th July 2018, while your National Team played its matches! This voucher can be used in your first order after July 15th 2018 and until July 31st 2018: two weeks more for your shopping discounted ;-)

How it Works
• You can take part in this promotion only if you have already a personal account in Casa Cenina website, or if you open one - at any time - just by clicking "New Friend".
• Wholesale customers cannot join this special initiative.
• Our discount will be highlighted, i.e. displayed in your shopping cart, exclusively if:
1. you have logged in our website with your username and password (that's easy to check: you are logged in, when you can see the writing "Hello, XXX" up above, on the right, in our webpage);
2. you have selected the National Team you're supporting, in the webpage/section, to be found expressly here;
3. once you have chosen your favorite National Team, this cannot be changed anymore and in any case. Of course, you can choose your National Team at any time, though strictly during the Football World Championship 2018 (and this means, you can also select your favorite National Team when the World Championships have already started and until their very end, i.e. on the day of the Final in Moscow, July 15th, 2018) and for just once and for all and with no chances to change it. If you choose the National Team to support AFTER the World Championship has already started, the discount will EXCLUSIVELY be applied to the orders placed after that date and always at the time your National Team is playing its matches, starting from that very date. In no way the discount will be retroactive!
4. once you have selected your National Team, you'll be clearly displayed the Schedule and times of its matches, corresponding to the times valid to place your orders and enjoy our "Worldwide Special Offer" : you'll have 3 hours' time to do that!
For example, if you choose Spain as your National Team, you'll get a 21% off placing your orders on June 15th, from the very start whistle sound and throughout the following three hours (i.e. from 8pm. to 23pm. of June 15th). And, again, on June 20th, from the start whistle sound and the three hours after and so on.
If Spain (or any other National team you have selected as your favorite one) moves to the next round, the lucky (and certainly happy!) supporter will obviously have the chance to rely on more days to take advantage of further discounts, placing her/his orders by always following the schedule of the relevant matches.
5. our 21% discount applies EXCLUSIVELY to “immediately available" items (i.e. in stock when placing your order), while our 5% off applies EXCLUSIVELY to the items of our “On Sale!” section, included in the order. Books, magazines, all the products of our "Digital Delivery" area, as well as all those, which we’re not authorized to sell at reduced prices from their designers and/or manufacturers.
6. if your National Team gets to the great Final in Moscow, on July 15th, you'll be given a gift voucher equal to the 5% of the total value of the goods included in the orders placed while your National Team played its matches (you'll have already been given our 21% off on these orders). This final voucher DOES NOT include the orders placed when the National Team you have selected as your team to support is not playing its matches. 

Please, also bear in mind that you can place as many orders as you want, from the start whistle of the match of your National Team and throughout the following 3 hours.

Celebrating is always fun!!!
Enjoy and… may the best win ;-)

The Schedule
2018 Football World Championship Schedule (the matches of the National Team selected are highlighted)
PLEASE NOTE!!!! The times in the schedule are based on the Central European Time Zone (Rome, Berlin, Madrid) - Central European Daylight Savings Time

We're all supporting... You, first of all, here at Casa Cenina!!!

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