"Life in Technicolor"

Date Added: 03/15/2014
Hi Folks!
For all the fans of the UK group Coldplay - and we’re definitely among these fans - this is just the title of one of their greatest hits... However, the idea of a "life in Technicolor" is so charming, as colors have always been catching human glances: the shades of our sky, of sunsets and rainbows, of Oceans, lawns and woods blooming, as well as - of course - the shades of the most different paintings and works of art!
In the craft industry, then, colors definitely play a leading role! Miles and miles of colorful threads and fabrics standing out for their amazing shades are literally all around us
And, among all those fabrics, we’d like to draw your attention on a particular category: the batiks!
From a strictly technical point of view, the name batik refers to the process used to partially dye fabrics - typically Indonesian, at first, but nowadays highly widespread in a whole lot of countries in the Indian Ocean area - that’s carried out by covering the areas of the fabric that aren’t meant to be dyed, by means of wax, or other waterproof materials, such as clay, starches, resins, or vegetal pastes.
The word "batik" comes from the mixture of the two Indonesian words for “writing” and “drop-tip”, "amba" and "titik”, respectively, and this technique, still rigorously hand made, is handed down virtually from father to son, thanks to master dyers, called ”membatik".
Another intriguing peculiarity of these fabrics and their wonderful and colorful universe is the fact that was - most probably - born because of a dying mistake on some ancient cotton and linen clothes So, as it has often happened in human history, a great discovery, that changed something for ever, has been originated by mistake!
At present, cotton batiks are much used for quilting, just because of the endless matching possibilities they offer, for their unbelievable - and never the same - color shades, allowing to customize your precious, quilting project at best! As well as for their unique characteristics (no other quilting fabrics but batiks feature it) of having no front and back side: as a matter of fact, they can be used on both sides, no matter what, thanks to the particular, artisan technique, they’re crafted with.
And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in our next post
Hear from us soon!

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