The clearance of our twenties.

Date Added: 12/08/2023
A December special: that of our 20-year anniversary!

A December special: that of our 20-year anniversary!

We are "young inside", but definitely outside, too, still. The end of 2023, in fact, coincides with the birth of Casa Cenina, exactly twenty years ago!

Two decades - or four lustrums, to put it in a more polished way - of steps forward and sometimes backward, but only to relaunch with even greater strength. In our twenties, we don’t simply close our teens: we open, most of all, a new chapter and new projects in our lives!

To do it in the best way, at Casa Cenina we have decided to opt for an authentic “EverythingMustGo” - spelled just so! - of the Twentieth Anniversary, with 20% discount on all available products (since Christmas Eve the “EverythingMustGo” gets up to 25% off on a wide selection of products)**, including even those that are usually already discounted on our website (read well questions and answers below!), because the extra gear is a must, since this is a celebration for our first twenty years!
Books and magazines will also be discounted to the maximum (allowed by law, of course), so 15% off. And we will do our best to ship all orders by the end of December...the fastest ones will receive their purchases by Christmas (barring exceptional snowfalls that might stop carriers on the road!) ;-)

Doubts or questions? Try to see if any of the answers you are looking for are already here below ;-)

When? It starts on Friday, December 8 at 9am, and goes on and on, all month long...or, better said, while supplies last, by the end of this year.

Why does the discount apply only to available products? Because the "December of the 20th Anniversary" is a unique and “EverythingMustGo” promo: that is, designed to make room in our warehouse for those "new projects" mentioned above, which, of course, involve a flood of new products! Moreover, in December, a whole lot of our European and American suppliers stop deliveries for the Holidays, taking advantage of the period to make their inventories and, therefore, re-stocking unavailable products is impossible before the New Year.

Why is this promotion so special? Because “EverythingMustGo” doesn't look in anyone's face and, therefore, not even at those products that are usually discounted on Casa Cenina, so even the products already reduced will enjoy this 20% off: that is, if they are currently discounted less than 20%, during this special clearance they will become reduced to 20% as well! A few examples? Hand-dyed threads from Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks, lots of American cotton fabrics and the extremely elegant and unique accessories from Merchant & Mills... and thousands of other products!

Why are some items displayed as “in stock”, but then fewer than those I selected go into my shopping cart? This can happen, in a clearance like this, with threads, for instance: our system displays the availability of an item, because, perhaps, we have 5 skeins/knots/spools in stock. If you put more than the available quantity in the cart, that quantity will automatically be reduced to the available quantity. The same applies, for example, to fabric cuts. Since this is an “EverythingMustGo”, in fact, the discount applies only to products that are immediately available.**

Why are some products, although displayed as immediately available, not included in this promo? Unfortunately, even in the case of a special initiative such as this one for our 20th anniversary, there are items for which manufacturers and designers do NOT authorize us to any discount and/or reduction. These include, for example, Les Brodeuses Parisiennes and Acufactum.

Let the Twentieth Anniversary Outing begin and...

(**) This promotion does not include Digital Delivery items and very few products, whose authors or manufacturers have forbidden us the sale at a price lower than the price set by them.

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