Les coeurs d\'Isa

Les coeurs d'Isa

From: Les édition de saxe

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Les coeurs d'Isa.
A beautiful book by Isabelle Vautier with all the hearts from her collection.
70 pages (in french but clear charts - 70 hearts!! - and beautiful illustration).

EAN: 9782756503974

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Les Coeurs d'Isa Vol. 2
Les coeurs d'IsaIsabelle Vautier has always been creating a lot of embroideries with the hearts as the protagonists for a lot of different editors and with several styles. A lot of his old patterns have been sold our and it usually happens to us to answer your questions with a disappointing: "No, we are sorry but this product is out of stock and it won't be reprinted".
From the enormous success of these products and from the huge request by the most affectionate embroiderers, has come the idea to collect and recreate the most loved charts with the hearts. Isabelle has then created a first collection which had a big succes all over Europe: Les coeurs d'Isa.
A real best-seller for Les éditions de Saxe which has entered the heart, it is right to say it like this!, of a lot of cross-stitch lovers.

So here is the second volume that Isabelle has wanted to consacrate to hearts: Les Coeurs d'Isa Vol. 2. 96 patterns to embroider to the people you love.
It is unbelievable how many different motifs can decorate the center of the same heart! Little cats, flowers, romantic sentences… If you have bought the first volume, you will be fascinated by the new patterns you will want to create for important occasions like you mother or father's anniversary or for a gift for your best friend.
Actually these two volumes are a wonderful gift
Two books from Isabelle Vautier
Here are some other recalls of the Festa del Ricamo. We will dedicate a post to all of the guests who, in these three years, have enjoyed the meetings of the Casa Cenina's Staff and our friends in the beautiful scenery of the Santa Flora in Arezzo.
In 2008, from France has come Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier, one of the most famous cross-stitching designer. With her, Renato Parolin presented at the Festa the book they had written together, "Amitiées Croisées", which means "Stitching Friendships".
Isabelle explained to us that the book had been written and drawn without meeting each others. During our Festa they met for the the very first time, after a lot of months of mails and phone-calls. So we had the chance to witness their first meeting: hugs and smiles between two friends who share the same stitching passion.
We can find all the beauty of this friendship in their book which, after two years, is still one of our bestsellers.
And, always talking about books, Isabelle has also published the new book "Les Cœurs d'Isa", which is far from the single bleu and red colors of "Amitiées Croisées" and which represents entirely the Vautier style as it collects 70 hearts from the collection "cœurs calligraphiés". Lots of hearts: seasons, colors, parties and so on. A wonderful idea for a present!

  4 Customers Reviews (4.75

The book I really like and the proposed works are really beautiful and romantic, suitable for every occasion. I've already purchased the second volume because the embroideries are irresistible. Too bad for you so ambitious proposals are accompanied by a graphic in my opinion, not up; I do not really like to have, among other proposed schemes (black and white, sigh!) in separate loose leaf, as if it were a magazine rather than a book. Overall, however, I'm really pleased with my purchase and would recommend this book to all lovers of beautiful embroidery and, of course !, Hearts!

Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]

Good morning Cenini and passionate of this site, orami milestone every time you turn on my pc ... even if only to check out the new products, or recesioni ... and already own these fantastic reviews I want parlare.Anche quelache days ago I laciato a great admiration for reviews message that leaves Ms. Cinzia, I lose myself in his words, in his descriptions, giving me the impression of having already here in my hands the product itself she reviewed ... I said it and I repeat ... maybe everyone would write reviews so because I think these bad or good information valuable they are, are those that give an edge more to the product itself, and then my gauze is always to you CENINI that allow all there giving us this little corner, and thanks again goes to Mrs. CINZIA, which now has found in me a fan for his reviews, and I'd let him know, because I am really happy with what he writes and how he scrive.A about why my comment on the dimensionis "a row kit love", in which I thanked Mrs. CINZIA own for so much devotion to the whole not been placed there recesioni in the page, but only in that related to the product itself? I believe that you have not written anything wrong, I just wanted to let you know the lady CINZIA that are admired by what he writes in entusiasmandomi read it ... for example, this book finished in my list of favorites thanks to its fabulous descriptive comment, and then I love the genre ... I will ever get tired of making purchases from you CENINI, you are unbeatable and you are always in my heart because I know from embroiderer professionalism and seriousness that I find in you, not the Trover never anywhere else ... I embrace you always with immense affection .... MARIA GIOVANNA !!!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

When you buy this book, the first volume, then you also buy the second! Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier talented! In this collection of just hearts, each heart "contains" a message, cleverly designed, I would say "modeled" in his personal style, because the designs are interwoven with the words, the bottom of every heart dotted with small dots that fill the blanks and color the background, the written (the title of the message) moves sinuously within the harmonious space of the heart, in an alphabet with a very original and pleasing graphics, sometimes following the perimeter of the shape, sometimes "coupon" sideways heart, creating a nice colorful movement, which makes these absolutely "unique" hearts of their kind! Topics covered are many (70 in this first volume) and all types: owls, butterflies, huts, dogs, chocolate, dolphins, fish, polar bears, seasons, zodiac signs, and many others, all beautiful, all colored, all useful to send a message of the form "affectionate" ...! Cinzia.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
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